My background and formal training is as a researcher in the field of molecular biology and genetics. I am currently a Research Scientist at Renaissance Bioscience in Vancouver, BC.

Previously I worked on seed coat development in George Haughn’s lab and lipid biology in Ljerka Kunst’s  lab at the University of British Columbia (UBC) using the model plant Arabidopsis.

Other roles include a Sessional Instructor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada, teaching 2nd year genetics, a freelance editor with Cactus Communications, and at the University of Calgary where I investigated nitrogen use efficiency in rice in Doug Muench’s lab. I also spent 4 years in Indonesia where I worked as an independent consultant providing scientific writing, editing, and teaching services, while continuing to be involved in scientific research in the fields of DNA barcoding and biogeography.

I am or have been involved in research projects involving collaborators in Canada, the USA, France, Australia and Indonesia and am experienced in managing a team of multi-disciplinary research scientists from multiple countries in order to address complex research questions. As well as scientific knowledge and the ability to conduct research, this experience has also allowed me to develop the following skills:

• Scientific background, with broad knowledge of biology;
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
• Strong interpersonal skills in teaching and mentoring;
• Budgeting, scheduling and time management; and
• Strategic thinker.