Key Skills

Scientific writing: preparation of documents, grant writing, and preparation of manuscripts for publication.

Teaching: teaching aspects of plant biology, laboratory techniques, and scientific writing in English.

Project management: developing and maintaining collaborations between international partners at multiple institutions, general project management.

Lab techniques: molecular biology (DNA, RNA and protein extraction, standard cloning techniques, PCR methods including qRT-PCR, microsatellite analysis, DNA sequencing and analysis, Northern, Southern and Western blotting, analysis of gene expression using reporter genes, subcellular localisation of protein-GFP fusions, microarray analysis of gene expression), carbohydrate analysis (HPLC analysis of sugars, capillary electrophoresis, FTIR, linkage analysis), seed oil analysis by GC, protein expression (heterologous expression of proteins, activity assays, protein-protein interactions in vivo using split luciferase), microscopy (light and fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, resin and paraffin embedding and sectioning, immunolocalisation), plants (growth of Arabidopsis and rice, Arabidopsis genetics, generation of transgenics, genetic screens, map-based cloning, tissue culture, hydroponics),  data collection, management, processing, and interpretation.